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5. Ideally, the UN should be closed down, but that is probably not possible. The alternative is to squeeze its funding even more, as the US has done for decades. An non-democratic organization should not be supported, nor cut free from the democrats.

If Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos want to join the Republican Party, good riddance. The Democratic Party should be the party of the working class and poor, not petulant billionaires.

The new docuseries 'Prehistoric Planet' is bringing new life to extinct dinosaurs.

Producer Tim Walker & paleontologist/science consultant @TetZoo stopped by to share how they've incorporated the last 25 years of scientific research into the show.

Fords 18% attendance record in the house is only one good reason he shouldn’t be re-elected. His absence from debates & media questions is another. He’s hiding far too much from us, like mandate letters too, but somehow he still feels entitled to the job. I say no, not again.

Australia just voted in a very progressive left leaning PM. In the past few years we’ve see more countries ditching right leaning fascist leaders.

Trudeau Canada
Biden USA
Macron France
Albanese Australia

People around the world are rejecting the fascist movement.

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