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Today, while more and more working class Americans are unable to afford the health care they need, 3 people own more wealth than the bottom half of American society — 165 million people.

I'll repeat: ☝️-✌️-THREE PEOPLE now own more wealth than the bottom 165 million Americans.

Chevron recently announced a $75 billion stock buyback program.

They’re not alone.

Corporate America spent ~$1 trillion on buybacks last year.

The same corporations telling us they have no choice but to raise prices are simultaneously spending huge sums enriching shareholders.

We're excited to organize w/ @ThirdActOrg on a major day of action on 3.21.23!

We know that our biggest banks are huge funders of coal, oil, & gas projects that perpetuate climate chaos. It’s time to act!

Photos by @movementphotog
Artwork by @dsolnit

Rock. Rock. Rock. Rock. Rock. Rock. METEORITE!

It's not uncommon to find meteorites on Mars - in fact, I've done it a few times! (see 🧵) But a change in scenery's always nice.

This one's about a foot wide and made of iron-nickel. We're calling it "Cacao."

Is polar ice melting?

Unfortunately, yes. And it’s the number one contributor to sea level rise. @NASAClimate scientist Dr. Brooke Medley tells us how NASA studies the relationship between ice sheets and sea level to better understand our changing planet.

Exciting news. A new season of All Ears with @AbigailDisney is here! 🎧 In episode one, former Labor Secretary @RBReich shares some introspection on his own commitment to fighting inequality and clues Abby into the real cause of rising inflation last year.

Incredible news from @@WAplanfinder. In 2019, we passed a bill to create Cascade Care, the first health plan of its kind in the U.S. These are the numbers we hoped for: unprecedented enrollment & 42% of customers paying less than $100/month for coverage.

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